Damon Grey


Women's Clothing Boutique, San Francisco, CA

Damon Grey has been expressing himself artistically since his career began as a professional ballet dancer. With each performance, his keen sense of movement, pattern and rhythm evolved. In time, Damon came to see how he could harness those elements in different ways to move beyond dance and create new things.

In 2016, he traded his ballet shoes for his first pair of knitting needles and skeins of lively yarn to jump hands-first into creating artful scarves that dance with life.  With his “Mythology Collection”, Damon offers an exclusive and limited run of printed scarves available in silk georgette, habotai or cotton voile, each making a bold statement.  Each scarf begins as an original, hand-painted watercolor. The images are then transformed into digital files and manipulated to create the patterns on each scarf.