Gary Graham


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Gary Graham is a designer with the visionary eye of a fine artist and a passion for process and traditional craft.  Inspired by a deep sense of history that goes beyond fashion, Graham references and reinterprets idiosyncratic elements from period influences, eclectic art and outsider cultures. Juxtaposition is key: tone and tactility, raw and refined, dark and light, innocence and seduction, fantasy and utility. Signature elements—washed and dyed fabrics, intricate detailing, fluid silhouettes—contrast and coalesce to lend an ethereal air of romance and discreet drama. The result: a renegade glamour without artifice that endures from season to season as each collection evolves from the last, imbued with a rich sense of the serendipitous journey entailed.

Today Graham’s atelier is based in New York City where he shows his womens’ ready-to-wear collection twice-yearly during Fashion Week. His clientele continues to grow, attracting independent, creative women who seek originality and individual style. His loyal following includes well-known actresses and other major innovators in the arts: Meredith Monk, Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift, Kara Walker, Mary Steenburgen, Marisa Tomei, Gina Gershon, Parker Posey, Helena Bonham Carter, Jennifer Nettles and Karen O, among others.