Jasmine Wang


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Jasmine Wang is a fashion label that embraces and celebrates the beauty and femininity in women. Their designs, inspired by nature, feature floral/plant/abstract prints in dresses that are sexy, feminine, simple, and elegant that can be worn at work, on an ordinary yet extraordinary day, on a date, or a special evening out on the town.

Utilizing mainly jerseys, stretch silks, and silk chiffon,  their fabrications lend themselves to beautiful shapes and silhouettes that compliment the female form. Their customers are sophisticated and real women, career oriented and successful both at home and at the office, who naturally love wearing on the go, sexy, easy, and most importantly feminine dresses.

The designer has been a professional photographer and a classical opera singer the majority of her life. A few years ago she discovered a new and awakening passion. She found herself drawn to creating fashion with encouragement and guidance from her friend James Tarantino, a highly accomplished and celebrated fashion designer. After learning the basics, she started to create her own dresses that she exclusively wore everywhere she went. Amazingly, numerous women randomly approached her on the streets asking me where they could buy her dress.  It was an “Aha” moment!

Soon thereafter, she decided to make the dresses that she designed for herself available for women who also wanted them. She began developing floral prints by hand painting onto watercolor to design our various fabrics, to creating the patterns into these beautiful dresses, to creating the imagery layered in poetic beauty of photographing them on our models… all done with much care and heartfelt love.

Jasmine Wang wants women to wear dresses that embody and personify their own sense of femininity and beauty in the exquisite shapes and prints they have so passionately and consciously created.  Jasmine Wang believes all women can be strong, yet soft at the same time.