NICO. Nicholson & Nicholson


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Yuka & Yusuke Nakagawa started the brand  NICO.  Nicholson & Nicholson in 2007. Yusuke originally started his men’s collection in 2003.  Born in Kobe, Japan, the collection strives to create a new standard for everyday dressing.  NICO.  Nicholson and Nicholson contains original ideas and materials that focus on structure and silhouette and highlight the charm of those who wear the garments.

NICO. Nicholson and Nicholson tries to focus on the quality of the garment and sticks to a  “Made in Japan” philosophy where they live and work.  Starting with fabrics they use for their collections, they create their original fabrics by working with fabric suppliers in Banshuu and Bishuu where good Japanese cotton and wool suppliers are based.   

Their garments are carefully controlled and produced by experienced and trained sewers  in Osaka, Japan, creating garments realizing the true “made in Japan” quality.