In Paris for our Fall 2011 Buying Trip

Here we are in Paris. Nancy inside the beautiful Maison Larnicol candy store. An our beautiful little apartment in Paris.

Paris March 1st

After a 13 hour plane ride and forty five minute taxi ride my mother and I arrived in the Marais to do the buying for Blancs fall fashion. Dead tired and dazed from our our long journey here we unpack and nap for several hours hours. After what seemed like the worlds longest nap we awoke and decide to peruse the streets of Paris to find a quality dinner. Which might I add wasn't too hard. We searched for our favorite little Thai restaurant, au peti Thai, which although isn't typical Parisian cuisine is simply fantastic!! As we walked along the Rue's of the Marais we stopped in at some of the most beautiful places. One of our first stops but of course was none other than the Maison Larnicol candy store, know for it's intricate chocolate sculptures and scrumptious macaroons. Our second stop happened to be at the Cotelac store front which is right down the street from out apartment and is of course one of the lines we will be buying for fall.