In Store: Castro NYC

Exclusive interview with the jewelry designer Terry Castro...
Blanc Boutique: What brought you to jewelry design? Castro: When I came to NY 5 years ago, i came to do fashion and wound up working for a street vendor in soho selling his jewelry for money to pay  for my hostel till i found an apartment. One day he suggested that I make some and sell on his table. Next week we fell out cause I was making to much money.  I quit and started my own table and the rest is history. Only in NY.
BB: There seems to be a very bohemian or rock n' roll aesthetic to your jewelry.  In your words, how would you describe the aesthetic of your jewelry? C:  "Prehistoric Victorian" - I own that phrase. I bought it.
BB: Do you use recycled leather for your cuffs? C: Our leather comes from a few different sources and we treat them ourselves. Yes some are vintage recycled.
BB: Who is your personal style icon? C: God - he's elusive like Margiela. Everyone wants to know what he looks like and what he is wearing or what he would be wearing: clothes or no clothes.
BB: From whom or what do you find inspiration? C: God , vivid dreams, and my mood board.