Paris Diary - February 28

Arriving in Paris is a whirlwind of excitement, culture, and jet lag. You never know which ones going to hit u first. Unfortunately for me it was the jet lag. We arrived in Paris at noon with the best intentions of exploring the city and staying awake until night. Arriving in the heart of the Marais, one of paris's oldest and most charming quarters. Built in the 12th century the Marais is one of the only neighborhoods that still possesses the narrow streets, cobble stone roads, and architecture reminiscent of the Medieval and Renaissance era in Paris. The name Marais actually means "swamp" which it was renamed after falling into ruin during the 1789 revolution. Since it's revival it stands apart as one of paris's most historic and happening neighborhoods bustling with artisans, wonderful boutiques, shops, galleries, lavish squares, restaurants, and an array of night life.

Our first day in Paris consisted of exploring the Marais visiting our old friends from the neighborhood cheese shop "Les Formages de Raphaele" and another small local deli "Little ItLy Trattoria" famous for it's meats and wonderfully pre packaged sorbet parfaits.

For dinner we went by no other than our favorite little Thai cuisine "Au Peti Thai" and drank champagne excessively with the owner himself Patrick Courtinat. After several glasses of champagne he escorted us just down the street to his new little Spanish restaurant "La Carta el 4arto" where we ordered a camarones with spanish ham and "thon" a raw tuna as an appetizer. The restaurants brilliant combinations of food and an ambiance of candle light and rose petals tells a story beyond words, one which displays his knowledge of culture and Patrick's worldly appreciation.