[PARIS DIARY] Our second day...

We were off to a late start, I rose at ten am was very jet lagged but headed straight for our very first appointment at a clothing line by Damir Dolmas called "Silent." It's a casual collection for men and women created by the Parisian avant-garde Damir Doma. It was first presented in Paris in October 2009 alongside the womens ready-to-wear collections. His collection offers wonderful mens and womens styles in casual and comfortable jersey, knits and woven fabrics - along side his leather outerwear, shoes, and accessories/

I loved this line I thought it would serve as the perfect addition to our store. It had all the elements and detail in the sweaters and jerseys that an expensive line would have at a fraction of the price. The line is about comfort being cozy and comfortable but of course with a twist!

"Silent is the state we are in when we are freed of thoughts, of noise or of any other distraction. It is in silence that we can clear our minds and focus on details that would otherwise be overseen. Confronted with a world that becomes more noisy every day, we can close our eyes and hear the music behind the roaring sound of a city -the enduring play of silence and sound. For it is when we are silent, that we can truly admire and embrace the essence of something. We are left in state of purity and peacefulness, open to embrace the surrounding.” Damir Doma

For lunch we stopped into Breizh cafe which is known for its ingredients and a long list of artisanal ciders. Breizh is all about slate floors, raw wood, and Japanese crêpe-makers. For lunch we had oysters on the half shell white wine and a ham and cheese crepe made with buckwheat that melted in your mouth. Another extraordinary meal!!

Our next appointment was with Barbra Bologna, a transgressive visionary who bridges the gap between art and fashion drawing from her background in both both music and art. Her designs convey a dark mysterious story, which she calls "containers full of artistic substance, sealed by my soul and all the things that I am."

"Area is my space, my emotional perspective in which I find art, fashion, music, and theater.... The place which those are able to feel the rest through the dress." Barbra Bologna