Paris, March 2

Bottom: view from the apartment

No, There is never a dull moment in Paris.

My mom and I awake jet lagged as hell the next morning, in fact i even appear to be seeing double. Never the less we manage to pull ourselves from our beds put on a pot of coffee, cut some of the worlds freshest cheese, explore the area. Today was a dedicated full day to shopping and enjoyment, no work just shopping. One of our very first stops was at L'Eclaireur, one of my moms all time favorite high end and avant gard shops in Paris.  Upon entering the shop it feels as though you are in some sort of modern art installation this store is by far one of the most unique and brilliant displays of fashion I've seen yet. Our next stop was just up the street in a store quite quaint which could be easily missed if it wasn't for it's large rack of vintage furs sitting in front.  Like two bees to honey we were drawn into this fabulous shop called "Retro Chic."  Never had I fell in love with so many beautiful vintage pieces, each a treasure of it's own dating back to the 1930's through 70's. You walk in and you know you have hit a jackpot. There are beautiful mink jackets, tortoise purses, snake skin boots. I was in love.  After what seemed like several hours trying on coats and purses in the worlds tiniest boutique, I walked out with some of the amazing pieces.  Including a genuine python clutch and fabulous Leather boots each for only fifty euros not to mention a genuine stunning vintage fur coat for only 100 euros! Happy and hungry from shopping we decided to sit and have lunch just across from the store front in this sunny little plaza.

For the rest of the afternoon we leisurely explored and shopped in perhaps one of the most alive and beautiful places in Paris, which would be our neighborhood for nearly one week, the Marais.

Retro Chic & the Owner Wearing vintage genuine leather boots holding tortoise purse Nancy wearing a vintage 1970's fur