You Are Invited: The Last Cocktail Hurrah of the Summer

Louis Brooks Pouring
Friday, August 29 – 6:00pm to 8:30pm – Blanc will be hosting the last cocktail hurrah of the summer! We have a delicious new set of drinks. Friday’s menu includes the Blanc, which includes celery-infused Tequila, fresh lime juice, elderflower and lillet blanc – the Martinez, which includes gin, carpano antica and cointreau – the Black Manhattan, which includes whiskey, bonal gentiane quina, and averna - the Puebla, which includes tequila, hand picked and hand squeezed prickly pear juice, ancho chile liqueur, fresh lime juice, and elderflower. All served in a chilled cocktail glass on the spot - just for you!

You can also visit the Picnic in Park across the street, which has food, live music and plenty of fun. Why not start the holiday weekend off right with some fun in San Anselmo!