Women's Fashion, San Francisco, CA

Til Nadler, Gordon Giers, and Hans Redlefsen.  Three men and one decision.  To only work with people they like.  This spirit has shaped their philosophy since the start and guarantees their clear vision.  Then and now, as business partners, owners, and friends.  After studying business in London and living together, each initially went his own way.  Giers to Florence, Nadler to Milan, and Redlefsen to Hamburg.  Yet the idea of collaborating someday remained.

Today, they oversee every department at Closed, from design to marketing, from logistics to production and distribution. As a team, they’ve established a dynamic vision of the company: to always create sophisticated, high-quality designs. Together with friends. Now and forever.

Since its founding in 1978, the brand has been creating timeless designs that last while always staying true to the company’s origins and strongly relying on French imagination, Italian craftsmanship and German tradition. Initially specializing in denim, today the collections cover womenswear and menswear, from ready-to-wear, footwear to accessories, and  denim  handmade in Italy. Closed offers modern designs that are characterized by a great attention to detail, creating effortlessly perfect looks.