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Imagine walking in real leather shoes with a modern, urban and slightly rude style. Guidi shoes and boots exemplify the highest quality in Italian design and materials. Merging technology and respect for an ancient tradition is Guidi’s design signature.  Since their base is the Guidi-Rosellini tannery founded in 1896, this connection to tradition is even stronger, especially since the company is located in Tuscany, where leather manufacturing dates back to the Middle Ages. Having such roots implies a thorough knowledge of all kinds of leather, of their properties and of the craft techniques to produce them.

Wearing a Guidi shoe means:

• completely handmade products (no pair is like any;  incomparable comfort)

• natural dyeing techniques

• slow production (it takes 3-5 days just to soften the leather to Guidi specifications)

• durability (originally crafted for people working the land in the open air, so they had to be tough)

• modern design with an aged touch