Justine Alexandra Jewelry


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Natalie Hicks, San Francisco Bay Area jewelry designer, is proud to offer two lines:  Justine Alexandra Fine Jewelry and JA by Justine Alexandra.  Each collection is made entirely by hand, genuinely crafted with care, and composed from hand selected precious and semi-precious stones found from all around the world.   Ever since she was young, she has been inspired to create art.  This love of art led her to submerge herself in various art schools, initially studying drawing, painting, book making, art history, and art education, studying Fine Art at Otis, in Los Angeles, Parsons, in New York, and majoring in Fine Art at San Francisco State University.  Her diverse art background, appreciation of color, the human form, and the beauty of nature, has not only shaped her design sensibility but has also led her to her true calling, jewelry design.    

She has always wanted to make a difference, and has felt that it was somehow her duty to help protect this beautiful world we live in.  Throughout high school and college she took environmental studies courses that reaffirmed her interest in protecting the environment.  At the age of 16 she went on a vision quest in the Mono Lake Basin where she meditated and fasted for three full days in isolation in nature.  While alone in the wilderness she found comfort and protection from the trees surrounding her.  From then on she understood that the trees were breathing and living just as she was, and that they too are conscious life forms.   These experiences inspired her to want to make a difference in some way with her jewelry line.  Planting trees through the sales of her jewelry line seemed like the perfect way to help protect our environment.