Officine Creative


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A wrinkle on the face, a scar, all evocative characteristics conveying a source of experience and life which are skillfully captured and recreated using Officine Creative’s specialized ‘Leather Time Machine’ that gives evidence of a human, handmade experience channeled into each finished product that needs to be touched to be fully appreciated.

Unbound by convention and driven by innovation, this uniquely Italian know-how of shoe making and leather craft is carefully overseen by a trusted collective of passionate craftspeople within the Officine Creative workshop.  These time-honored skills and knowledge are a unique expression of Italian creativity and regard for fine quality.

This is the artisanal heartbeat of Officine Creative conceived in 1968 by Nazzareno Di Rosa, who started his laboratory of shoe making and leather craft in the Medieval Italian town of Montegranaro. Nowadays the eldest son, Roberto Di Rosa, at the helm of the company, along with his brother Luca,  paves the way for the current incarnation and ethos of the modern international factory Calzaturificio Duca del Nord.