Susan Cummings Jewelry


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Susan Cummings grew up in rural Connecticut. Her mother was her biggest influence.  Life’s presentation was about elegance, not opulence according to her mother.  Susan wholeheartedly agrees.  She moved to California as a young girl in the mid 70’s. In  1980 she was selling to specialty boutiques in California. By 1982, the collection was carried by premier retailers such as Henri Bendl, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus.  Her studio and staff went from a 550 ft. studio in Venice with 8 craftsmen, to a 4500 ft studio with a staff of 22 located at the Santa Monica Airport. When her daughter was born she moved to Ojai. Currently the collection is designed and created in her beautiful Ojai Avenue Studio, being sold in Ojai and through specialty and lifestyle boutiques.

The less we mess with a perfect thing, the better we feel. Roughened torn edges, silken matte finishes, gypsy set stones, asymmetry...this unrefined part of what she does allows her to feel that she’s not manipulating the natural state of things – the less you do, the more beautiful they are. Stones, metal, and people – we’re all in sync. We ARE those elements. We are not machined.