Susana Monaco


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Susana was born in New Jersey. Her parents had immigrated to the United States from Italy and made sure that their European heritage was ever present. Growing up surrounded by art and sculpture, it sparked her ardor for color and classic lines. She found that she could take these elements of artistry and sculpt them to her own vision. Susana's father was an engineer and tailor. He owned an apparel manufacturing company which he started in the 1960’s where he made women’s suits. Susana gained full exposure to the ins and outs of tailoring a garment at an early age and by the time she reached her early teens, she was proficient in the technical details. 

After she received a behind-the-scenes education in fashion from her father’s apparel manufacturing company, Susana Monaco landed a coveted spot at a New York fashion design school. Upon graduating, Monaco moved to Miami and started her namesake clothing label of soft, versatile jersey pieces. Quickly winning Miami over with her chic, comfortable Susana Monaco dresses, tops, and skirts, the designer returned to New York to expand the line, and today, her expertly draped pieces are found in closets worldwide.

The Susana Monaco collection runs the gamut in contemporary designer clothing. Creating everything from dresses, to outerwear, to swimsuits, knits are Susana’s specialty. Knits allow Susana the freedom to sculpt the female body, highlight its attractions and showcase its beauty.

Susana’s designs have garnered worldwide recognition. Her loyal following is drawn to the high quality fabrics, meticulous attention to detail, and the clothing’s timeless appeal. Over the years, Susana Monaco Inc. has garnered a sizable following of both celebrities and industry experts.