Known to last longer than some relationships. A great pair of Italian boots.

They've been known to last longer than some relationships
Boots you'll always reach for this year
Next year
Maybe even in five years or more
It's a well-made Italian boot
These are the boots Blanc girls can wear all day long, dash off for dinner after a busy day and STILL feel comfy.
Try on a pair and see what we're talking about.

Pictured:  Officine Creative

Coming soon, buttery soft and direct from Italy...Roncarati leather

Coming soon, some of the most beautiful leather we've ever found.
Crafted in Italy.
Soft. Feminine.
With an edge.
Roncarati leather.

Paint It Black

Black is everything
Coco swore by it and Mick sang about it
It's our fashion anchor
Especially for a Blanc girl


Happy Halloween from the Blanc Team

Pictured: Hazel Brown, Johnny Farah, Guidi, Giorgio Brato, Reinhard Plank, Officine Creative

A Fresh Spin on Your Old Cashmere

Today this Blanc girl is pulling all of her favorite cashmere sweaters out from their various hiding places and welcoming them back into the world because 'tis the season...yay! But not before I give them a yummy, fresh wash with Tocca "Laundry Delicate" with that scrumptious Italian Blood Orange scent.  If you could only smell what I am smelling in my laundry room right now....oh, but you CAN! Why stop there? If you're feeling ambitious this week like me, you can use it on your lingerie, silks and bed linens, too! Who knew fall could smell so delicious?!

Bond Girls and Bay Area Girls agree...

Bond Girls and Bay Area Girls agree. This time of year you need to stay warm and look fabulous doing so. From the Swiss Alps to Sacramento Street,  Parajumpers down jackets have you covered for whatever adventures a chilly day may bring.

blanc blog parajumpers bond.jpg

Behind the Scenes: Blanc's Parisian Buying Trip for Spring '18 (Installment #8)

Nancy's favorite sneaks...OXS Rubber Soul

You've probably seen Nancy wearing her skinny jeans or long skirts and sporting a pair of fabulous OXS Rubber Soul sneaks, she loves them! High in style and SUPER comfy (they kind of feel like walking on marshmallows, if I'm being honest). She naturally had to stop into the OXS showroom in Paris to see the new offerings (and probably pick out a new pair for herself).

Behind the Scenes: Blanc's Parisian Buying Trip for Spring '18 (Installment #6)

The Perfect Chapeau

It goes without saying.
Any fashionista knows that the right accessories take your look to a WHOLE other level.
Nancy stopped by one of her favorite hat designers, Reinhard Plank, to try a few on.
Why don't YOU try one on next time you head out the door?

blanc blog paris plank showroom 1.jpg

Reinhard Plank


blanc blog paris plank showroom 2.jpg

Behind the Scenes: Blanc's Parisian Buying Trip for Spring '18 (Installment #4)

How could we go all the way to Paris and not visit one of our favorite designers...

blanc blog future christian peau 1.JPG

Christian Peau


(handbag and shoe extraordinaire)

Christian Peau makes those beautiful handbags and fabulous shoes that you see at Blanc, and we're so excited to be getting some new goodies from his studio based in Kobe, Japan very soon!

Behind the Scenes: Blanc's Parisian Buying Trip for Spring '18 (Installment #3)

All work and no play.....NO WAY!

At least not for us Blanc girls (especially when in Paris)! So after a long day of visiting numerous designer showrooms and making those tough buying decisions, Blanc Boutique owner, Nancy Mayer, and San Anselmo shop manager, Ouida Chichester, take time to smell the roses, take in the beautiful scenery, and enjoy a glass of wine Parisian style! Enjoy, ladies!

blanc blog paris wine break.PNG

Behind the Scenes: Blanc's Parisian Buying Trip for Spring '18 (Installment #2)

Bonjour! Today finds Blanc Boutique's San Anselmo store manager, Ouida Chichester, in the Vlas Blomme showroom. Vlas Blomme creates beautiful cotton/linen garments known for their super superior softness and quality. The properties of linen render it perfect for all seasons, wicking away moisture in high temperatures to keep the body cool and dry, and conducting heat in colder temperatures to preserve body temperature.  Year 'round beauty, comfort and impeccable Japanese styling...yes, please!

blanc blog paris vlas blomme designer 2.jpg

Meanwhile, Blanc's owner Nancy Mayer and her husband, Willy, are busy at the Avant Toi showroom choosing some perfect pieces.  Avant Toi revolutionized the art of yarns, knits and piece dying by using air-brush coloring that empowers each piece with a unique, unrepeatable character. Destroyed, blended and spray-painted are only a few of the continuously evolving treatments applied to each garment. Truly wearable art. It looks like Willy approves!

Rock a Hat

Be cool.
Stay warm.
Rock a hat from Blanc.

blanc blog hats mick.jpg

May we suggest: Reinhard Plank

Pictured: Handcrafted hats by Reinhard Plank (Italy)