Cool Little Things

Don’t lose your cool!  Some of Blanc’s favorite ways to beat the heat are found in your very own summer garden (or your favorite market filled with fresh things from Mother Nature).

Refreshing Cucumber, Celery and Lemon  Drink (Ouida loves to bring this one to work on a hot day!)


    1 medium to large cucumber

    3 celery stalks

    ½ medium-sized lemon, cut into wedges (or to taste)


How to:

    Juice cucumber and celery in a juicer.

    Pour into a glass and add squeezes of lemon wedges to taste.


Solavedi Organics 100% Organic Rosewater Spray (Blanc Boutique $13)

Blanc likes to cool down with a refreshing  spray of Solavedi Organic pesticide-free and toxic-chemical-free rosewater spray made from steam distilled organically grown roses.  Flowers are known to have healing abilities while also promoting specific moods and emotions. Rosewater has a cooling effect and can add a little fresh, healthy glow to your skin while imparting a naturally beautiful scent. In your hair, on your refreshing!